OMODA 5 proves global quality by acing Tri-Extreme Tests

The OMODA 5, the first product under Chery’s new global OMODA series, has proven its global standards of quality and reliability by passing the Tri-Extreme Tests, conducted in extreme environments of low temperatures (<-40°C), high temperatures (nearly 50°C) and high altitudes (5,200 metres).

In the extreme cold environment of -43°C, the OMODA 5’s functions such as heating, defrosting and defogging, all worked normally, and the cold start time was controlled at between one and three seconds.

Temperatures reached 49.6°C in the hot test environment, and here the OMODA 5 withstood dynamic tests of all-round and multi-terrain complex working conditions, including vehicle weathering and exposure to sun and dust. In particular, in this environment, the air conditioning temperatures at both the vents and occupants’ head space were measured to be significantly lower than its competitors, attaining an outstanding level in its class.

At an altitude of 5,200 metres, with air pressures below 60 kPa, which can starve many engines of power, the OMODA 5 remained unaffected, as demonstrated by testing its powertrain response, forward slope, reverse slope and other aspects.

This affirmation of the OMODA 5’s global-standard quality and reliability joins forces with its intelligent technology, trendy design and efficient power to create a compelling vehicle committed to meeting the needs and wants of young trend-setters around the world, including Malaysia.